Boston Terrier Temperament

Boston Terriers, known as the American Gentleman due to their demeanor and tuxedo-like coat, are an intelligent and well mannered breed that comes in a variety of colors and love to be part of the family.  The modern Boston Terriers are bred to be companions, so there must be an ample supply of human interaction for this breed to be happy. They are gentle and have lap dog tendencies, but also enthusiastic, bouncy, and boisterous. They have big dog personalities enjoying playing ball and jumping along with being alert and inquisitive. This breed really has a sense of humor and will find many ways to make you laugh. Bostons usually don’t bark very much, although some will bark if excited. Males tend to bark more than females. These dogs are affectionate and enjoy people. They are usually good with children and the elderly, but might be too much to handle during the first year or two due to their eager clowning. If properly socialized, they will get along well with children, other canines, and non-canine pets. Some tend to nip in a playful way which can be resolved with proper training. Housebreaking is usually not difficult. The best way to approach it is through crate training.

Boston Terrier Wearing Glasses Funny Photo

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